Below is our inventory of dashes. If you don't find what you are looking for contact us.  The dash inventory changes frequently-Please check back for updated and new listings.

Do you see a dash the dash you need, but want a different veneer? All of the dashes are available with any veneer or finish. With real wood veneer, each one is unique and a one of a kind!

Add gauges to your order for additional savings! To add gauges for your dash or insert click here. 

**Gauges are Not Included unless otherwise noted**

32RoadsterCamphorBurl1.jpg32RoadsterCamphorBurl4.jpg'32 Ford Roadster. This dash is one of my favorites, it is laminated in Burl Camphor Wood and is comes alive in the sun, it has a depth and a 3D look that can't be captured it these photos. It will work with a wide range of car and interior colors. It is ready for a Classic Instrument 3200 or 6400 series All American.

PRICE:$1499.00 ADD a 3200 or 6400 and save 10% on your entire order!

23-29RoadsterBurlMaple1.jpg23-29RoadsterBurlMaple2.jpg1340663122456.jpg1928-29 Ford roadster- Burl Maple veneer. 5 gauge set, holes are drilled. This dash has a very nice color that work almost any car color, and most interior colors. It is a great alternitive to Birds Eye Maple.  

ADD THE V8 Speedster 5 gauges set for a total package cost of $1785.00. Save $200.00!

Rosewood1.jpgRosewood3.jpg1928-29 Ford closed car- This dash has been laminated in Rosewood veneer, it is drilled for a 3 3/8" 3 gauge set. This rosewood veneer is perfect for a black car, or darker color interiors. It is very elegant. PRICE:$1299.00 ADD:HR34SLF gauges as shown.

Total price with gauges $1754.00. SAVE $199.00

BurlWalnut2.jpgBurlWalnut4.jpg1930-31 Ford roadster- Burl Walnut veneer. Burl Walnut is a popular choice because it is what is found world wide in premium luxury cars. I will complement almost any interior or paint color. This dash is no different, premium veneers have been used on this roadster dash. It is a timeless choice and will work most any color car or interior. PRICE:$1299.00.  

As shown with gauges, $1640.00- SAVE OVER $250.00 when purchased together!

Sunburst1.jpgSunburst2.jpg1340665951013.jpg1930-31 ford closed car- This is a unique finish, similar to a Les Paul Gibson guitar. It looks fantastic with the White Hot gauges. The white faces and the chrome bezels make this dash rock! I'd say that this one goes to 11. PRICE:$1299.00.  

Price with gauges, $1700.00! SAVE $197.00 when purchased as a set!

37FordOrg-2.JPGOriginal '37 Ford steel dash. This one is exceptionally straight, it is being filled and a glove box door is being fabricated. If you have a project in mind for this one, please give me a call!  

NOTE: This dash has a glove box door now, is smooth with two 3 3/8" gauge holes and a 2 1/8 hole in the center for a clock.

46FordOrg-2.JPG'46 Ford original dash. This one has been filled and is ready to go. SOLD

At this time, we no longer offer the billet gauge inserts. More to come on this soon!