Below is our inventory of dashes. If you don't find what you are looking for contact us.  The dash inventory changes frequently-Please check back for updated and new listings.

Do you see a dash the dash you need, but want a different veneer? All of the dashes are available with any veneer or finish. With real wood veneer, each one is unique and a one of a kind!

Add gauges to your order for additional savings! To add gauges for your dash or insert click here. 

**Gauges are Not Included unless otherwise noted**

32RoadsterCamphorBurl1.jpg32RoadsterCamphorBurl4.jpg'32 Ford Roadster. This dash is one of my favorites, it is laminated in Burl Camphor Wood and is comes alive in the sun, it has a depth and a 3D look that can't be captured it these photos. It will work with a wide range of car and interior colors. It is ready for a Classic Instrument 3200 or 6400 series All American. ONE LEFT ATHIS PRICE! 

PRICE:$1499.00 ADD a 3200 or 6400 and save 10% on your entire order!

23-29RoadsterBurlMaple1.jpg23-29RoadsterBurlMaple2.jpg1340663122456.jpg1928-29 Ford roadster- Burl Maple veneer. 5 gauge set, holes are drilled. This dash has a very nice color that work almost any car color, and most interior colors. It is a great alternitive to Birds Eye Maple.  

ADD THE V8 Speedster 5 gauges set for a total package cost of $1785.00. Save $200.00!

Rosewood1.jpgRosewood3.jpgSOLD- If you like this dash and would like to order one like it, please call 720-383-4321. Thanks!

BurlWalnut2.jpgBurlWalnut4.jpg1930-31 Ford roadster- Burl Walnut veneer. Burl Walnut is a popular choice because it is what is found world wide in premium luxury cars. I will complement almost any interior or paint color. This dash is no different, premium veneers have been used on this roadster dash. It is a timeless choice and will work most any color car or interior. PRICE:$1500.00- Dash only. Add a VT01SLF (as shown) for a total price of $1875.00!

SAVE OVER $250.00 when purchased together!


If you would like a dash like this one, please call 720-383-4321. Thanks!

37FordOrg-2.JPG Call for more info 720-383-4321

NOTE: This dash has a glove box door now, is smooth with two 3 3/8" gauge holes and a 2 1/8 hole in the center for a clock.

46FordOrg-2.JPG'46 Ford original dash. SOLD

At this time, we no longer offer the billet gauge inserts. More to come on this soon!